Once your home is restored to a condition better than before the date of loss, your new friends at CIR will say there goodbyes. Every customer is treated as if they were our only customer. When you decided to go with CIR to help with your restoration project. We are committed to your project in its entirety during the process and well after. Standing by our work is one of the driving forces here at CIR, and that's why we have a 100% satisfaction rate. We are not that far away if any problem should arise from our work.

Once the project is completed and you have piece of mind, your 2 warranties will be dropped off to you when we pick up the final depreciation check. These warranties include a "lifetime manufacturers warranty" and a CIR 5 year "Labor warranty).


Once the work is completed. your CR rep will contact you to do a "walk around" to make sure your completely satisfied with our work. At this time we have you sign a "completion certificate" The completion certificate along with any other invoices and documents will be sent to you insurance carrier, requesting your final depreciation payment be issued to you.

Your home and contents will lose value over time due to factors such as normal aging wear and tear. This loss in value is called "depreciation."

Under most insurance policies, an upfront payment called "ACV"(Actual Cash Value) is released to you to start your restoration process. If you have a "Replacement Cost" policy (most policies are) you will then receive additional money after the job is completed. This is called the depreciation check" Recovering depreciation can take 2-4 weeks.

Recovering depreciation

Restoring your home

After your work order has been completed and processed CIR's installation team will begin the ordering and scheduling of your roofing materials.

During this please please be aware that weather is a big factor when scheduling. We typically want a minimum of 35 degree weather and when they forecast 30% chance of rain we call it as well. Bettr to be safe than sorry having to throw tarps up during an install and a rain storm comes!

During your install, your CIR rep will be present to make sure the job is running smoothly. Your rep will also let you know of any rotted wood that needs to be replaced.

During your install, if you are having multiple trades done with your home please keep in mind that each trade will happen on separate days.

After receiving payment from your insurance carrier you may notice that your mortgage company is listed as one of the payees? If that is the case your CIR rep will assist you in filling out a mortgage authorization form.

In addition to the mortgage authorization form you mortgage company or lender may ask you to come into a local branch to have it endorsed or mailed in to have it endorsed. At this point they will mail the check back to you endorsed for your home restoration project.

Please keep in mind that having your mortgage company as a payee on the check may slow down the restoration process by a couple weeks. CIR may also have to assist in a conference call with you and your mortgage company to speed the process up.

If your curious as to why your mortgage company is listed on the chek it is to ensure that the restoration process is completed by your insurance company's work scope.

 As a lender they have an interest in your property and it is to protect all parties involved.

Step 5: Supplementing

What does a claim supplement actually mean? A supplement is a charge that must be added to your original work scope by CIR for any items that are missing, overlooked, under paid or overlooked before or after a project begins or ends.

While your work order is being proccessed, CIR has a highly experienced supplemental department that carefully reviews your work scope for any missing or damaged items, incorrect pricing, measurement discrepencies, and also General Contractor overhead & profit. This supplement process ensures that your insurance company fairly prices the job to restore your to the condition it was prior to the date of loss.

If any missing items are found, incorrect pricing is determined, our supplement department will contact your insurance company to rectify any issues to your original insurance work scope.

After the corrections are made you will then receive a revised work scope along with a check for the supplemented items. This ensures you and CIR have an accurate claim settlement work scope.

 Step 6: Mortgage Authorization

Step 4: Project planning

 After the adjustment process you will receive an itemized work scope within 2 weeks that details everything the adjuster and your CIR rep had gone over in regards to completing the repairs to your home.

Once you receive your work scope along with your first check to ge the repairs started. Your CIR rep will go over scope line by line and answer any questions you may have.

After reveiwing your scope and the details of the project, your CIR rep will show you various options in choosing the right shingle, siding, gutters and downs, along with any other products that you may want to look at. When it comes to colors and matching this can sometimes be daunting. But rest assured our reps look at thousands of homes and will make sure you pick the right colors that will coordinate with your home.

After your colors have been picked out your CIR rep will write up the work order to include all items in your insurance work scope.  After your work order is complete your CIR rep will explain the installation process to you and answer any questions and address any special requests that you may have.


Now that your claim has been filed your insurance will assign the claim to a field  adjuster who will handle your claim from then on.

Within 24-48 hours the field adjuster will then contact you to set up an appointment to verify our CIR reps damage assesment.

After the date is set contact your CIR field rep and notify him of this time and date. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that your rep is present during the insurance company's inspection. This is the most important part of your claims process where Capitol Insurance Restorations advocates on your behalf to make sure you get everything you are entitled to.

During this adjustment process your CIR rep and adjuster will document all damage together and determine the cost of the repairs.


After the inspection is complete both your CIR rep and adjuster will speak with you about all the approved items on your property.



 Step 3: The adjusting process

Step 2:  Placing your claim

Once our CIR field inspector is done with his inspection he will go over the entire claims process with you and answer all questions and concerns you may have.

After your field rep is finished documenting all damage to your home, he will then assist you in placing your claim over the phone with your insurance company with you. You can also save time by PLACING A CLAIM ONLINE.

During the call to your insurance company, your CIR field rep will help answer all related questions to your claim with your insurance company. Our rep will also give a detailed description of the damage to your home to your insurance claims rep.

Finally your CIR rep will request to meet with your insurance company's adjuster to document all damage together as this is the most important part of the claims process. He will document your claim number as well as provide copies to you as well.

After a severe hail or windstorm its a

good idea to have a trained certified profesional in insurance restoration to perform a detailed inspection of the loss on your property. Hail and wind damage is nearly impossible to identify with out getting on the roof. Our inspectors do a point by point inspection of the interior and exterior of your home.

When you contact CIR and schedule a free no obligation property inspection, you will receive courteous and prompt inspector at the exact time that you chose your appointment.

After they introduce themselves in a timely manner they will do a 33 point inpection that will include your roof, siding, gutters and downs, along with an interior inpection for roof leak damage that we will get approved as well.

The average time for an inpection is 30 minutes. We encourage you at this time to look for your policy number to your insurance company and have it ready for your rep in the case they find sufficient damage that qualifies you for a full roof replacement.






Step 1:  Initial inspection

 With over 10 years of experience Capitol Insurance Restorations is prepared to complete your project with a level of accuracy and detail unmatched in the roofing industry. Capitol Insurance Restorations will get your job done. We will walk you through the entire claims process. We have a team of specialists that are trained to make your experience as easy and pain free as possible. Get your roofing & siding in Cockeysville replaced today!