Finding the different kind of shingle that fits your personal preferences and budget is a great start to replacing your existing roof. Its important to consider the pros and cons when choosing your shingle, as well as consulting with your CIR rep to see where his guidance may take you when choosing shingles and colors.

Here is some commonly roofing materials we use:

Asphalt Shingle:Generally the most frequently used asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive. Plus, if you purchase coated asphalt shingles, they may meet the energy star standards for a cool roof and earn you a rebate. Three-tab asphalt shingles are thinner and slightly less expensive than laminated or architextual shingles. And though they tend to be less expensive, asphalt shingles have a relatively short life span of 20 to 3o years.

Wood Shingle:  More expensive than asphalt, wood shingles are known to be more aesthetically pleasing because of their natural looking appearance. If you choose a cedar or redwood, the life expectancy of these wood shingles is anywhere from 30 to 50 years.

Tile Shingle: These shingles have an appearance of colonial Spanish architexture. Tile shingles can be one of the most expensive to install, but also one of the longest lasting and durable materials on the market, lasting up to 80 years.

Metal Roofs: A metal roof should last with the lifetime avg span being 50 years. While initial cost for a premium metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials, you will save money in the long run. Because there long lasting, durable and inexpensive, metal roofs are becoming a popular option in our area.....it can even lower your homeowners insurance by up to 35%

Slate Roofs: In the north eastern of the United States this material is especially popular. This is because the Slate from which the shingles are made are quarried. They have a life span up to 50 years and are highly durable for the ages. Its not uncommon to find old Victorian houses 100 years old that are leak free due to the slate roofs. And if your budget doesn't allow for slate(which can be very pricey) you can opt to new synthetic slate product, which has a similar appearance but shorter life span.

Reasons for a new roof:

Here are some of the reasons consumers replace their roofs. Whether it be a pressing time and the roof needs to be replaced asap or whether its normal wear and tear. CIR wants to help you choose tat perfect roof for you and your family. A roof that you know will have a solid labor warranty and will last for a lifetime.

  • Increase your homes value
  • Building a new home
  • Leaks
  • Storm damage
  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Falling debris

          Further warning signs your roof may need to be replaced:


Replacing an older roof will increase your home appraised value and add curb appeal. This may be especially helpful if you intend to sell your home. Remember when selling a home first impressions are critical. Not only does a new roof play a crucial part in protecting your investment, it can really transform the look, helping give you an edge over your neighbors. Return on investment on a new roof ranks right up there with remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, both projects which are well known to be desirable in a home resale. Use of the GAF design center on our site to browse shingles, use our virtual visualization tools and even upload a picture of your actual house to "try on" different shingles.


Beautiful variety

No matter what roofing style color or finish you

have now, there is a roofing style to match. Todays

metal roofing looks just like common roofing material

that looks like asphalt shingles, Clay tile, cedar shake,

or slate. However metal roofs will last 2-3 times longer.

Energy efficiency

Metal roofs in both light and dark colors reflects

heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer

and insulate homes in the winter. This can definitely

have an effect on your energy bill.

Long lasting warranty

Most metal roofs come with a 30-50 year manufacturers

warranty. Along with CIR's workmanship warranty you will

be rest assured your roof is covered for life!



Let the trusted name of Bob Villa show you the proper way to install a roof!


Let this video show you how a roof is properly installed. We care about your property and not just getting paid for putting a roof on. Its all in the details.






Installing or replacing a roofing system on your home is a decision that  requires planning, preperation, education and a team of people.

The lifespan of most roofs varies depending on what part of the country you live in and what type of roof you choose. Roofs can be made of metal, wood shingles, asphalt shingles, slate or rubber. Replacement of a roof can cost upwards $30000 and is an investment worth understanding.

On average your roof makes up 40% of total visIbilty of your home. Not only should the roof provide protection from weather, it should also be aesthetically pleasing, and therefore compliment your homes style and exterior color. Typically choosing a shingle color that matches your doors, trim, shutters, can give your home a nice contrast in color and great curb appeal.

At Capitol Insurance Restorations we beleive in installing more than just a roof with shingles. We install a high quality roofing systems, that included decking, ventilation products and specialized hip and ridge products, Our highly skilled and trained craftsman ensure that our customers receive the best possible service available. We have a quality control section that maintains complete integrity years after a roof is completed.

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